If you know me or have been following me throughout 2017 you probably know by now that I am obsessed with making lists. Whether it be a list of jobs to complete, objectives for the day or list of groceries I need to buy, I will pretty much make some sort of list on a daily basis. So here we go to the BIGGEST list of the year, my New Years Resolutions...... or should I say Sweet Stirling's New Years Goals.


This is the first goal as it is my most exciting and the one I'm most looking forward to this coming year!! The end of the 2017 is when I finally obtained the business permit required to sell my sweets at markets and craft events within Los Angeles. Throughout 2017 I curated a long list of events that I was hoping to be a part of this year until i found out i didn't have the right permits. So after a long, painful process i am ready. I hope to get stuck in and involved in as many as I can.


This is a subject that I try to focus on every day within every aspect of Sweet Stirling. Whether it be a photograph, an Instagram post, a recipe, an order e.t.c… There is always something I can be doing to make my product better and do better. I strive to continue improving my technique and striving for consistency and precision every day and with every tray of caramel!


This is simple. To do something for others. To reach out and get involved in something within my community in LA. Last year I was part of a small local charity event for The children's youth and it was honestly one of the highlights of my year for Sweet Stirling. I met some wonderful people and it was lovely to give people tasters of my products and be part of something bigger!

I would love be involved in more events like this and I have also been looking at other events away from Sweet Stirling to help with the environment. However, if time becomes restricted perhaps I will look at making a donation or singing up to give a monthly donation towards something I feel passionate about.


This is so important to me to ensure I see Sweet Stirling continually grow in 2018. I believe the only way that can happen is for me to keep learning during the year. I have decided to enrol in a couple of online classes for the beginning of the year to learn more about Marketing, organisation as well as Photography. These are all subject that I struggle with, some I enjoy some not so much but I'm very excited none the less and I will be sure to keep you all updated on them!

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